Application for Bachelor’s Programs

1. 18-25 years old; non-Chinese; a foreign passport holder;
2. Chinese Friendly; in good physical and mental health; hardworking; academically excellent;
3. High School Certificate in relevant discipline

Application Documents:
Application Form

Passport copy (Photo Page of a valid passport)

Copies of the visa page and residence permit if the applicant is in China

Notarized Highest Diploma or Degree Certificate with official stamp and signature

5. Highest Academic Transcript (A Notarized Copy in English or Chinese language should be attached if the originals are not in English or Chinese)  

6. Certificate of Physical Examination  

Non-Criminal Record Certificate

Other documents required by the relevant departments, such as a language certificate, etc.

The online application requires JPG or JPEG or PNG uploads of all the documents within 1MB

Scholarship  Description

University Scholarship

Provincial Scholarship

Master’s Programs for International Students