Language Programs

Short-term Language Programs

The  duration for such short term study programs may vary from 2 weeks to 8  weeks, followed by one or two weeks of field trips to major attractions  in the province, or other destinations in China. The courses and  duration of study are adjustable upon specific requirements.

Long-term Language Programs

Students take a placement test upon enrollment and will be  placed according to their level of Chinese proficiency. Students may  study for one semester, one year, or the entire six semesters depending  on their language learning goals.

Admission Requirements

Chinese language program applicants must be 18 years or older, and must submit their academic record, which should in Chinese or English.

Contact Information

Name: Frank                     

Mobile : (+233) 243198032

Whatsapp : (+233) 243198032

Wechat : (+233) 243198032


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