International Energy and Power Engineering talents training pattern is employed in this major, that mathematical foundation is attached great importance, and a variety of international advanced teaching modes are applied, as well Chinese culture is also included intentionally, thus to cultivate cross-cultural and competitive international talents.

Based on the knowledge training, ability enhancing, quality promotion, this major is dedicated to cultivate international students who have abundant knowledge, humanity-cultural quality, excellent Energy and Power Engineering profession, strong social practice ability and innovative ability, and also know and love China and Chinese Culture well.

The basic theory about courses including Fundamentals of Mechanical Design, Engineering fluid mechanics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Fundamentals of Devices in Energy and Power Engineering, Nuclear Radiation and Protection, Nuclear Reactor Physics and so on, along with professional knowledge and professional skills in the field of Energy and Power Engineering, will be taught mainly in this major.

The characteristics of this major include the combination of mechanical design and energy equipment, the combination of nuclear power generation and radiation protection as well as the combination of theoretical analysis and engineering practice.

The students in this major will master the basic skills for solving planning, design, system analysis and operation as well as control problems in the field of Energy and Power Engineering (especially in the power generation field), after accepting the basic training in the aspect of mechanical design, energy conversion, nuclear reactor analysis, control, testing technology.

Employment direction: engaged in thermal power plants, hydro-power plant, Nuclear power plant, pumped storage power plant, large water diversion and fluid transportation and other related departments for energy and power machinery operation, maintenance and management work of senior engineering and technical personnel.


Key Courses:          

Advanced Mathematics

Linear Algebra

Probability and Statistic

College Physics

Physics Experiment

Mechanical Drawing

Mechanics of Construction


Fundamentals of Mechanical Design

Engineering fluid mechanics

Engineering Thermodynamics

Heat transfer

Control Fundamentals of Engineering

Testing Technology of Engineering

Steam Turbine

Power System Relay Protection

High Voltage Technology

Hydraulic Turbine

Hydraulic Turbine Engine Adaptation

Hydraulic Drive and Control

Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Radiation and Protection

Nuclear Reactor Physics

Analysis of Thermal Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear Power Plant Simulation

Main Project(Individual)



  1. 18-25 years old; a foreign passport holder;
  2. Chinese Friendly; in good physical and mental health; hardworking; academic excellence
  3. High School Certificate in relevant discipline
  4. Proficiency in English, with good English skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  5. The applicant who masters basic Chinese language skill will be preferred.


Application Documents:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Passport copy (Photo Page of a valid passport)
  3. Copies of the visa page and residence permit if the applicant is in China
  4. High School Certificate (A Notarized Copy in English or Chinese language should be attached if the originals are not in English or Chinese)
  5. Academic Transcript (A Notarized Copy in English or Chinese language should be attached if the originals are not in English or Chinese)
  6. Certificate of Physical Examination
  7. Bank statement or affidavit of financial support


Duration: 4 years

Tuition Fee: 2,200 USD / Year (Accommodation, Insurance and Registration fees are excluded )

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